Sunday, July 24, 2011

Utah+Idaho+Wyoming= BoltsAction Bday Run

SLC bitches
thanks for the Battery Danny
Seth really knows how to pitch a tent, and has a rad "man" knife
Jer was draggin his fingers on the twisties
Electric Visuals

We made a run for it. we left the woods of Colorado and headed to
Jake and Andrea thanks for sharing your house with us.
I worked on my XR400 and
Rob mowed the grass.
then next day it was on the Bolts Crew and friends set sails to
there were high speeds, twisties, cops, and camping.
i met some really good friends,
damn near blew up the XR (not really, but i was going fast)
swam in Phelps Lake (53 degress)
Rockin some new shades (thanks Treats)
and had Makers for Breakfast.
All in all, i had a Freakin blast!

I hope I see you cats soon.


  1. hahahahahahahaha. the tale of the baby bird turning into the crane.

  2. OH ok.. funny you knew which photo i was speaking of. Hope you guys are having a blast, I know you, i mean ya'll, are!

  3. i would if i could find a job there. a family of three.

  4. Great shots dude! looks like you guys are having a blast.

  5. nice pics. i miss you little buddy!

  6. thanks man, i miss you too. im going to stop in Austin on my way back to Corpitos.